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Tips and Tricks



Its worth having your mower serviced every year if only to sharpen the blades as blunt ones only damage the grass.


Mow regularly but do not cut too short, never less than an inch otherwise the grass becomes stressed and then is susceptible to an invasion of weeds and moss. In drought conditions always raise the height of the cut to try and retain moisture.


Change direction from one mow to another, this helps prevent a nap of the grass forming therefore helping to reduce thatch problems.




mower one watering



If you are allowed please water if possible during drought particularly after scarifying and aeration.


It is important that the grass is soaked thoroughly so that the moisture reaches the root zone. Little and often has very limited effect It is your insurance to help preserve the lawn during difficult conditions.


An application of a wetting agent during and after drought helps break down the organic barrier that forms improving the rate at which the water penetrates through to the soil.


If you would like to find out how much it would approximately cost you to water your lawn per week then click on this button to go to the UK Lawn Care Association's water tool







Always remove leaves from the lawn particularly during autumn and winter to allow it to dry out otherwise it could become susceptible to fungal problems.




Always remove grass cuttings from the lawn after mowing otherwise a build of thatch will occur.

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